Thursday, May 03, 2007

Emu Bay Railway - Now it gets scary....EBR Beyer Garratt

EBR Beyer Garratt at Rosebery, mid 1950's - Tom Rogers Collection
(Copyright Burnie Pioneer Museum, Burnie)
The Emu Bay Railway was a user of Garratt locomotives from the 1930's when the first type (as shown in the diagram above) was brought into service, through successful employment of Australia's ASG type post war, to the end of steam in the early 1960's. To model the late steam/early diesel era of the EBR then, Garratts are necessary. I have decided to model the original Beyer Garratt type as my next model. I will be using two Hollywood Foundry Bullants with WD Models/SEM wheels as the basis, with the remainder of the locomotive being scratchbuilt. Scary? Absolutely. An achievable challenge? I think so.


stephen said...

Wow! Good luck!

Andy said...

Looks good... Have fun and please post your progress... I wonder what one of those would look like in 7mm scale?

Andrew Collier said...

Thanks Stephen and Andy, will indeed post progress.....just need to work out where to start...! In 7mm it would scale out at nearly 2ft long.

Cheers, Andrew