Sunday, May 20, 2007

Emu Bay Railway - 12 Class Beyer Garratt - 2

Some recent activity with the first engine unit - I (1) removed the cross braces (the Bullant can be ordered without them) as they would have fouled the frames. Then (2) drilled through the second driver (that the coupling and driving rod will be fitted to) and fitted Alan Gibson crankpins to test clearance. I then (3) measured out and made the frames from the thickest styrene that would fit as they will be load-bearing. The frames were painted and weathered black/brown before attaching as they will be very hard to get to later. Also (4,5) made the leading and trailing bogies from styrene. The wheels in the bogies are Steam Era, with the pinpoint axles cut off and filed down flat as the 12 Class had inside bearings.


Andy said...

I'm not sure I'd have the courage to take a drill to a Bullant motor. Looks good so far though. Thanks for the continued posting, it brightens up Monday morning...

Andrew Collier said...

Hi Andy, agree on being careful to maintain the integrity of the Bullant. I drilled through the wheel which had a crank-offset already cast-in, not actually drilling into the Bullant.

Good to hear the site is bringing some joy, just need to take better photos!

Cheers, Andrew