Tuesday, July 14, 2015

SAR C & Cs wagons

Both the wooden C (L above) and steel rebuild Cs (R above) were scratchbuilt in styrene utililsing Model Etch W irons/axlebox & spring assemblies and mostly styrene for remaining chassis detailing. Couplings are Roco Bosna.

The steel HOn3.5 Cs (L above) prior to painting alongside a OOn3.5 version of the same wagon (R above) illustrates the different size and attributes of the two scales.


Built using Steam Era Model's kit of the Victorian U van as body basis, it is as yet unpainted as I need to build up a decal sheet for SAR ng stock. Styrene modifications/adds are in white, chassis is a modified (extending mostly) Parkside Dundas T&D chassis kit. Coupling is Rococ Bosna, using up remaining stock.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

WD Models TGR C Wagon & Greenwich couplings

Some recent HOn3.5 work:

Recently completed one of these very detailed but now sadly out of production kits by WD Models of Tasmanian Government Railways C open wagon. I suspect they included all the parts for working brake gear but sans instructions I was able to work out where all the major bits went, but not all.
I have an E (livestock) and H (van) also to build at some time, and a spare chassis which would be well used I think for a steel C.

I have also been refitting my EBR stock with Greenwich couplings. They are "belts & braces" for the EBR wagons with buffers and as such also need to be mounted out further to procvide clearance, but am impressed with their affordability, interoperability with the Roco Bosna style I have used for some other stock, and low profile. I have some Roco Bosna's to use up, but will otherwise standardise on these.