Sunday, May 27, 2007

Emu Bay Railway - 12 Class Beyer Garratt - 3

Some more work on the first engine unit this week: The pickups have been fitted so that the chassis now runs on its' own, the chassis frames have been extended outward at the top to clear the motor and gear tower, and at the rear to house the trailing bogie, with a styrene plate fitted at the top of the rear which will form the base for the centre unit. I also attached both the front and rear bogies via my old favourite, though quite unsophisticated method, moving bolt attached to a fixed nut. The rear bogie was tricky as it sat very close to the trailing driver, I built up a styrene saddle as shown in the photo at the top, with a shaft (ex paintbrush cover) for the bolt to run through to prevent lateral movement. Now to do it all again (but a bit better hopefully) on the second engine unit.

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