Monday, April 16, 2007

PVH 1 Completion

Here's the completed PVH 1, mostly finished excepting some detail and corrective work. At this stage I can't bring myself to weather her, though she is intended to appear as first in service on the EBR so a pristine appearance is in character.


stephen said...

Great looking loco, nice to see it all together. I'm also slightly envious at the rate of progress!

Andy said...

I'll second Stephen's comment. Very neatly done, and showing up my lack of progress as well...

Snaggletooth999 said...

Have jus' been given your blog address from Mark on the Model Railroader Forum. This stuff is all of great interest to me, and when I get a chance will go through everything at length. Great looking loco project you"ve done there.

Andrew Collier said...

Hi Snaggletooth,

(Hopefully I have worked out how to use "Comment" and this will work)

Thank you for your kind compliment, good to see there's broader interest also in this scale and prototype. Good luck with your interest.

Cheers, Andrew

Andrew Collier said...

Hi Andy & Stephen (now I seem to be able to make "Comments" work),

Just wanted to forward my thanks for you kind compliments.

I can assure you I'm not always so consistent in output - like all modellers there are productive and slow periods, however at present I am using my modelling time carefully as I have a big task with the Emu Bay.

All the best for your modelling - at whatever pace! I look forward to keeping an eye on your progress via your blogs also.

Cheers, Andrew

scaro said...

hi andrew

how does the unit perform with the plastic counterweights? i would like to do something similar in Nn3 for the CR's little NC diesel hydraulics.


ben (

Andrew Collier said...

Hi Ben,

Goes fine, the important thing being to ensure there is enough gap between the rear face of the counterweight and the frames to allow for some play, and that the counterweights are attached as parallel to the frames as possible.

Hope this helps. Cheers, Andrew