Thursday, April 26, 2007

Emu Bay Railway CM Class Van

The CM Class originated with the North Mount Lyell Railway. When the NMLR closed the EBR purchased many open and several closed wagons including what became the CM class. Like much EBR stock, they had very long lives lasting at least until the 1960's. While it may look too short, the model is actually accurate - these wagons had a very short wheelbase (5'3") - even shorter than many mainline bogies!


Brod13 said...

Gday Andrew
Just wondering if theres any chance you could tell me what kind of paint you use for the EBR wagons.


Andrew Collier said...

G'Day Brod13,

It's Floquil Zinc Chromate - it was recommended to me long ago for VR wagons and I have used it for all Shelley Railway's wagon stock, and now the EBR stock as the red appears quite similar. As with all paints, the base colour influences the final shade. For the CM wagon here I applied a light grey etch primer first.

Hope that's some help.

Cheers, Andrew

FelixCheng said...

Can I borrow this picture for Thank you,

Felix Cheng

Andrew Collier said...

Hi Felix,

Assume you mean the picture of the CM Class? If so, sure. If other, please let me know.

Cheers, Andrew