Tuesday, March 20, 2007

PVH 1 Progress 1.

Front left and rear right views of the near completed below-footplate section (sans buffers, sand pipes, sills and painting) showing the battery boxes, sanding boxes, steps (nb. the flared rear steps are to clear the rods - a prototypical feature) and other minor detail. Following a suggestion in Continental Modeller, the drive rod has only been actually connected to the minimum number of counterweights required to operate, this reducing the risk of complications in this complicated area!


Andy said...

ce idea on the coupling rods-I wonder if it would work in 7mm scale? BTW How do you make those fine detils on the doors?

Andrew Collier said...

Hi Andy, I have tried (unsuccessfully) to reply to this and your earlier mail, with no luck so am using this forum! Thank you for your kind compliments. There's no reason why this rod methodology could'nt be used on larger scales, however as I noted to Stephen, the real test will be how it wears in "production" (regular operations, with load, on curve and grade). The doors on the battery box are an illusion - it's a flat sheet of styrene scored down the centre to represent with very small styrene rod gled on to simulate hinges. Good luck in your modelling. Cheers, Andrew