Friday, February 16, 2007

Emu Bay Railway in HOn3.5

I have recently scratchbuilt some EBR rollingstock in HOn3.5 scale (HO scale on 12mm gauge track for 3'6" representation) - bodies are either casts from my own mould and originals, with styrene or wood chassis, SEM buffers and wheels, Modeletch W irons and axleboxes/leaf springs, and WT screw link couplings. No decals yet - I am waiting to have enough wagons to justify producing a decal sheet!
B Class Concentrate Bogie
A Class Open
A Class with assembled but unfinished body and floor cast.
 AF Class - A converted to flat for motor traffic


Andy said...

Hi... I was just advised to check this blog by Stephen. I really like thr freight stock- those bogie wagons in particular look pretty heavy duty. Please keep us posted on the progress...

Andy In Germany

Andrew Collier said...

Hi Andy, your comment doesn't have a date so if it was placed here a while ago, sorry for the delay in coming back to you. Thank you, Yes the EBR was an ore carrier primarily hence the short double bogied wagon for the heavy concetrate. Other stock is more typical of 3'6" practice.